The function of elevator safety protection device, what protection device does elevator have?

Elevator has many safety protection equipment, such as brake, speed limiter, door interlock, deceleration switch, limit switch, overload protection, safety contact plate protection switch, buffer and other safety protection equipment. So what is the role of the elevator safety protection equipment in the simulated elevator model?
Next we elevator safety protection device function, elevator has what protection device
1.brake, brake is an important elevator safety equipment, its safety, security is one of the important factors to ensure the safety of the elevator work, brake can work in the elevator power failure, immediately interrupted the elevator work, make the car in place.
2.speed limiter, speed limiter is generally used in the elevator and safety clamp together, they are also one of the safety control components in the elevator safety protection system. Its function is in the elevator attack overload, skidding, weightlessness, controller failure and other phenomena, if the elevator in the fall over a certain speed, then the speed limiter and safety clamp on the role, they will firmly stuck in the elevator elevator shaft between the track.
3. the door interlock, the door interlock is installed in the elevator on each floor of the floor door, it USES mechanical and electrical chain together to protect, as long as there is a floor of the elevator door is not good, in all the doors interlock electrical switches composed of a temporary electrical circuit, will appear open, lead to loop disconnect, the elevator will not work properly.
4.Deceleration switch. The deceleration switch is installed at both ends of the elevator shaft.
5. limit switch: the limit switch is the terminal limit switch. When the elevator car works across the horizontal direction of the well and the lower end, there are limit switches at the two end stations. When the cage hits the bow and touches the limit switch, the elevator will lose the elevator working in the same direction and discontinuous to prevent offside. But the reverse still works.
6. limit (offside) switch: when the limit switch equipment is at the end of the well, when the car crosses the upper and lower ends of the flat floor, the speed reduction and limit switch both fail and fail to work. At this time, the limit switch should make the elevator lose power discontinuously and the upper and lower directions cannot work!
7.overload protection: the overload protection equipment in the elevator is used to prevent excessive load. When the car load arrives at the extra weight, the equipment on the bottom of the car, the top of the car or the equipment in the machine room will go through the micro switch action, so that the elevator overload function is launched (overload light, alarm bell, no closing, no work). As long as the load is within the extra load, the elevator can recover and work normally. contact plate protection switch: safety contact plate protection switch is a protection device on the car. This device is designed to prevent people or objects from getting caught in the car door. Over the years, many elevators have chosen infrared photoelectricity and contact plate, which are more sensitive.
9.buffer buffer is ultimately a protection device in the elevator safety protection system, when the elevator brake, limit switch, speed governor, safety gear is out of control, or failed to timely action, or capsules for heavy falls in well finally attack scene "squat down bottom," the pit shaft of the abyss capsules buffers or the buffer will absorb and take down the car or on the heavy energy, make its safety deceleration, discontinuous, have the effect of security protection.